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What is the Notes Hub?

The Notes Hub is a robust and integrated system for managing your notes, thoughts, and web bookmarks. You can use it to track:

- Articles, videos, podcasts, and web pages you want to refer back to

- Meeting Notes, Lecture Notes, and "Brain Dumps"

These are all stored within relevant Books.

The Notes Hub also helps you organize content and notes that are focused on helping you achieve your goals. For example, if one of your goals is to read more, you can save lists of books, articles on how to read quicker, and book summaries all to that particular goal, within the "Goals" Book.

How do I use it?

The Notes Hub is split into three main sections:

Bookmarks - Use this to save articles, videos, podcasts, and web pages you want to look at later. Save these into a Book to enable you to quickly and easily view saved bookmarks relating to a particular area of your life.

Notes - Above the Bookmarks section is your main Notes section. You can add meeting notes, lecture notes, shopping lists, and brain dumps. Sort these into Books, and if the note helps you achieve one of your goals, then choose the goals it relates to.

Books - If you use Evernote, you'll be familiar with the notes nested within notebook structure. However, Notes Hub also adds two elements to the Books section. Firstly, you can use the "Brain Dump" Book to store uncategorized notes. Secondly, use the "Goals" Book to view Notes and Bookmarks related to your personal goals.


How do I install this on my Notion?

After completing your purchase, you'll be taken straight to a page where you duplicate the Notes Hub straight into your own Notion Workspace - just hit the "Duplicate" button in the top right!

Can I share this with friends?

This license covers one person for life. Therefore, you can tell your friends how awesome it is, or send them a link to purchase their own license, but you can't just copy Notes Hub and send it to them.

I have feature requests - how can I get them added?

Once you've purchased and duplicated the Notes Hub to your workspace, head to the FAQs section, which contains a link to a feature request form.

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Notionable Notes Hub - Manage Your Notes, Thoughts, and Web Bookmarks.

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Notionable Notes Hub

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